Save Money using the Sacrament Meeting Program App

Save $4.275 Million per Year!

Money is another thing we can all SAVE immediately by using the {} (107 trees per week and 5,350 trees per year)! . . .

  • 30,536 Congregations – In its' statistical report dated December 31, 2018, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints reported that there are 1,629 stakes in the United States with 14,274 congregations. Worldwide they reported 3,383 stakes with 30,536 congregations.
  • 70 Copies – I create the sacrament meeting program for my ward every Sunday and make 70 copies.
  • 999,180 Pages per Week – If each of these congregations print 70 sacrament meeting programs per week (like we do), that's a total of 999,180 (almost 1 million) pages per week in the United States (49,959,000 pages per year). Worldwide it is 2,137,520 pages per week (106,876,000 pages per year).
  • 04¢ per Program – The programs we print are all double-sided, black & white copies. Let's assume that these programs (2x sided) cost 04¢ each.
  • Save $39,967.20 USD per Week! – This means that members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints can save $39,967.20 USD per week, 50 weeks per year ($1,998,360 USD per year) in the United States if we all go paperless and use the {}.
  • Save $85,500.80 USD per Week! – With 30,536 congregations in the world, at 70 pages per week, 50 weeks per year, Latter-day Saints can save $85,500.80 USD per week ($4,275,040.00 USD per year) worldwide.

Certainly this money could be better used somewhere else, particularly when these programs are used only once and then thrown away. Please ask your family and friends to use the {}.