Save Time using the Sacrament Meeting Program App

The convenience and features of using the Sacrament Meeting Program app make it extremely helpful in planning and organizing your meetings.


This app offers many advantages over the old traditional paper programs. These include:

  • Automatically formats and creates weekly sacrament meeting programs.
  • Create both traditional paper programs and digital programs (visible in the app).
  • Ward and auxiliary leaders can collaborate to add/manage the agenda items, calendar events and announcements in next week's program.
  • Last minute program changes go live instantly in the digital program.
  • Hymns and music deep link to the "Sacred Music" mobile app.
  • Missionaries deep link to the "Called to Serve" mobile app.
  • Pictures of recent stake/ward activities can be uploaded by auxiliary leaders for members to view and download from the app.

Many Benefits

There are many other benefits of using the {} which include:

  • PDF Programs – Create then print high-quality PDF programs.
  • Music – Tap hymns to open the hymn in the Church's Music app.
  • Events – Tap events to add the to your calendar.
  • Leaders – Tap leaders to call, text or send email.
  • Missionaries – Tap missionaries to open the Called to Serve app and view pictures or send them an email.
  • Pictures – View and download pictures from recent stake and ward activities.
  • Real-Time Changes – Make changes and update your Sunday probram in real-time.

The {} app is powerful, slick, simple and easy to use, yet much more powerful that your printed Sacrament Meeting programs.

Using the {} app ensures that the information and announcements in your meetings is available at the fingertips of the people who need it, no matter where they are.